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I was going to say something but... - The Bird In the Blue

Aug. 24th, 2006

01:04 am - I was going to say something but...

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I find internet communication to be the most discouraging on the planet. I could grunt and motion my hands and come across clear than I do here. People often get the wrong impression of me via the internet and thus don't want to associate with me and so I no longer care about making friends via the internet. I no longer care about making friends period. Or enemies, for that matter. If it hapens then fine, that's something nice I wasn't expecting. But unless you call me, insist on being an active persence in my life then we'll soon drift apart. If anyone has ever experienced my enthusiasm consider yourself lucky. So often I am met with negative responses to it that I no longer even try to share it with people. This is why I'm so cynical all the time. Because what's the use of being anything else when no one likes my positive side either? I don't really feel down about this. Maybe I did for a while, but not anymore. I'm used to it. Though I still find myself let down, for example, the most recent Jan Svankmajer film. It was completely different from what I was expecting. In a bad way. Of course I couldn't discuss it with other Svankmajer admirers because they all, in their supression and indifference to deities, elvate him to a god-like status and thus never question his genius. I question. I question so often it bothers people. But that's the point.

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