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Not again. - The Bird In the Blue

Aug. 27th, 2006

11:08 pm - Not again.

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I think I'm dying of over-exposure to pretension rays. It has become so bad that "pretensious" has entered my daily vocabulary. One observes the curent "art" world and when it comes time to relflect the only word one is left with besides "just plain stupid" is "pretensious." I don't even want to watch movies anymore. Anything made after the mid-60's anyway. Because that is the worst medium for it, or should I say teh best medium. Because God knows todays goal is pretension, at least among the so-called "educated." If i were lazy I say that hipsterism is a disease bit I am conviced that it is distrubed in the bodies of human beings with completely capable minds, if only they cared about this organ. The sad thing is that they claim to care, whereas a schmo in the middle of nowhere has no clue he even has a brain, I mean in brain the fullest sense. It's amazing how these people claim to be so "self-aware" and yet they are blind to thier own idiocy. Then again, the so-called "self-awareness" is merely another hip term or lable in the hipsteer aesthetic, thinking yourself to be "cool" and constantly striving to be is another. With such material and surface activities as these one can hardly have time squeeze in such a humble question as "Why am I here? What's the purpose of life? What am I doing with my life and who am I? Why life?" These questions would never pass though the minds of aomeone who belived life (their own life) to be some great gift, literally a material and earthly thing with nothing to it other than that. Even if it did they would run like the dickens away from frightening questions. Hipsters take shallowness to a new level never seen before (or recorded before, I should say) by man on the face of the earth. Ugliness has a new face. Ask anyone who goes there and they'll tell you the care about the world and they aren't just rich kids having a grand old time o their own hipster terms. They say they care about the poor people. The own even listed The Communist Manifesto in her myspace.com profile. "Like, oh god, Marx was an !@#$%^& genius.* I just bought a hammer and sickle shirt from ((insert random hipster store)) the other day." I just made that up but when dicussing such one dimensional beings it's easier than devouring a chocolate cake. I think that enough vomit induction for one post. Barf bag, anyone?

*Note the elevation of "intellectual" figures to god-like status. Is there any difference between a hipster wearing a hammer and sickle shirt and a Baptist wearing a "Jesus Loves Me" shirt, except the fact that the latter is more sincere?

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Date:August 28th, 2006 05:20 pm (UTC)
I fricken looooove you
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